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Welcome To Our Family…

 Da Vince is our family run business built from our family home of over 30 years. 11 years ago we began this adventure together to convert our carport into the shop/cafe. Opening our doors on Jan 9th 2010. The original plan was built off wanting to showcase to the world dad’s gorgeous, unique creations that began as a hobby for him, an after hour release from a physical and intensive day job. We were to be a little place offering coffee and cake to customers who would come in and view his work, to browse their options and order their very own custom designed, one of a kind pieces of work that would last a lifetime.

With all our limited funds we invested all we had in this creation and the start up that there was no money for advertising. The first year was us showing up, opening the doors and hoping and waiting for someone to find us and slowly but surely they did and word of mouth began. Over the first two years we gained many regular customers, some weekly, some monthly, some whenever they could or for all their special occasions. 

Very quickly once people began trying mum’s delicious cakes and scones and being wowed by the portion sizes, requests came in quick and fast for more. Mums cakes had become a true hit, people asked for more and wanting her to offer savoury too.. and so Nanna Rose was born as was the addition of her ridiculously large servings of savoury and our incredibly popular All day breakfast..More requests came flooding in from High Tea’s to functions, bridal showers, birthday parties and more. In order to keep the doors open with two of us (Mum Rose and Me, Amy) volunteering all our hours we had to follow through and offer what was being requested. The One Tree Hill seniors found us and we offered our first xmas luncheon and have been doing so for them every year since.

In our first year, two of our customers, Richard and Alesia who had fallen in love with our venue asked if they could get married here, incredibly delighted of course we said yes! They exchanged their vows on the 4th of September that very same year. From there many others came forward wanting their special day to be held with us, an experience that we valued and loved so much we decided to work towards creating a venue for many to share. From here saw the true beginning of this Roman Wonderland and the amazing creation of The Colosseum of Life, the castle as my daughter Miabella-Rose has called it since she was a toddler. 

Between word of mouth which was spreading far and wide, our facebook page and our website which was something we could have never have been able to have made happen without my brother-in-law offering his time, so many more people found us and many bride and grooms to be booked in their wedding days for up to 1, and in some case more years in advance.

This joint venture is made up of My dad Vince, my mum Rose, my uncle Tony, My Husband Matt, continual sponsorship by my brother-in-law Woj and donations from some very special long time customers and myself

Everything concrete that you see has been created by my dad, Tony and Matt. From the fence to the pathways, to the statues to the tables: All of these things have been created outside of business hours as they run their company Kerb Artist, producing roadside kerbing for various sub divisions, shopping centres etc throughout South Australia.

Da Vince is the official creator who can turn all concrete to life with his amazing and unique style of painting and interestingly crazy ideas. He does all the landscaping and the many hours and hundreds of litres of watering himself.

Dad & Mum creating the shop

 Nanna Rose is the master of the kitchen and day to day runnings of the Cafe/venue and maintaining the gardening and property with dad as well as running the concreting business. What started as just baking some cakes now has her baking and food shopping endlessly… Mum also helped with the painting and creating of the shop and puts up with dad’s big ideas and artistic ways on a daily basis. What a super woman!

Mum’s partner in crime is me… I assist mum in the kitchen and run the front of house, make all our menus, brochures and newsletters (when I get the chance), run the facebook site, manage the business side of things, I am the creator of the massive / indulgent pancakes, ice cream sundaes and the master of the coffee machine (not a trained barista though and I make coffees HOT!!! No luke-warm coffee here). Basically alongside mum together we run the whole show.

Positive, strong, hardworking and united this is us.

Please feel free to come to our home and share in all we have to offer.

We look forward to meeting with you all.

Much Love Always, Amy

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