Very different from any other cafe restaurant & so many unusual things.


Everything delightful I hope to be a frequent visitor


Fabulous lunch, great strawberry pancake which Bronnie couldn't finish, which is a first. Great relaxation luncheon with the girls. Thank you very much!


So glad you have opened this delightful establishment so near to where my sister lives. We shall be visiting whenever I am over from Melbourne. The food is delicious. The atmosphere warm & welcoming. Thank you for a pleasant afternoon!


To my family! Aunty Rose your home made cooking is the BEST! Thanx for having us here, we enjoyed our lunch and milkshakes.


When I first came to your cafe, I was in awe of the place. I loved being here, everything felt so warm and happy. I felt at home... I wish you and your family the very best of luck and happiness with your new adventure.


Awesome place. We lived just up the road but it took till we moved out south to come & check your place out. Should of done it sooner, lovely food, very friendly lovely services. Awesome location.


Truly the best pancakes, beautifully served & friendly staff. A treasure found on our trip from Victoria. All the best for the future!


What a beautiful lunch we have shared today. The food was well presented & served with a smile. The warmth & friendly nature of the staff added to our enjoyable afternoon. We'll be back!