All our food is cooked in a home style environment;
we aren’t trained chef’s or baristas.

We don’t have fancy commercial ovens and grills and do not own a deep fryer.
We don’t have poached eggs stored in the freezer, pre-cooked chicken or readymade salads.

We use domestic appliances (except for our coffee machine) and our
Domestic Goddess (mum aka Nanna Rose) cooks your food as the orders come in.

We don’t do fast food, we aren’t McDonalds, but we do honest food as fast as we can.
It takes time to cook for a family at home and our customers are treated as family here.

Please wait patiently for your meal; mum is working as fast as she can. This is our home and we ask that you please respect it and us.

xx Da Vince Family


Cafe Menu